Here at Tulligmore Equestrian Centre we offer washing, disinfecting reproof and repairs of all types of horse rugs or associated items such as numnahs and travel boots.

We are noted for our fast and reliable turn around service where your rug is returned to you in a folded packaged bag to ensure its stays clean and safe for your storage until needed.

All our rugs are washed using non bio powder to ensure no allergic reactions occur, we offer our clients the option of having their rugs reproofed using NIKWAX to ensure its waterproof qualities.

After all our rugs are washed and dried they are fully inspected for any repairs that are needed. We will always advise clients if a rug seems to have gone beyond repair and feel cost is too high to repair. Our repair work can be from a tear to a buckle/clip replacement. Every effort is made to match colour of repair material as close as possible to your rug.

Please note we will not repair a rug unless it has been washed beforehand, as dirt and hair will damage our machines.

All our rugs are folded, packaged and labeled for your ease of storage.

Our clients range from the casual rider to stud farms.

Bulk order discounts will apply.


Wash only €20.00

Wash and reproof €24.00

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